What we do!

Signature Events



Talent is a hidden treasure for everyone. Whoever discovers that is considered a victor and an achiever. We organize ROTOFEST, to bring out such talents. This marvelous event takes place in the odd semester of every year. This is a day we spend with special children, for them to be happy and show their abilities. On that day we welcome the kids warmly by giving them greeting cards and chocolates. We organize games not only for entertainment but also to realize their hidden talents.

Those who see their talent forget that they are specially challenged people and only remember their immense talent. We are glad we had the opportunity to create a beautiful platform to showcase their talents. Finally, we all shar and receive precious love with gifted people.


Child and the deity are one. Sparish is a wonderful event to entertain such children. Not only that, it is organized to let them know that there are many people like us to look up to. This great event usually takes place in the even semester of every year. This day is not just a usual day; we can feel heaven on earth by giving and taking kindness on this day. We organize this to bring an unforgettable happy day to their lives.

From welcoming the kids on this special day, to the events that let them showcase their potential, there are no words to describe the bliss that comes when you see the pleasure that appears in the eyes of those children. This one day alone is enough to make humans realize that this life is to spread love.

Orphanage Visit

As soon as we hear the word “Orphanage Visit” happy memories flash through all of our head’s like a thunder. Because it was just not one person being happy, it was around eighty to hundred of students who travel to visit kids and the best part is viewing them being happy with all of us with no expectations from us and it’s a very heart-warming feeling that can only be experienced by visiting them.

At last Bidding goodbyes to them turn out to be a very sad state. They are really best memories for all of us to cherish.


Rotopark is one of the out campus actitivites, where we take kids from homes to places to enlighten their knowledge as well as to get them spend some quality fun time. Children growing up in orphanages often lack the opportunity to ask adults questions and to obtain their own experience outside.

So trips for the children living in the restricted access orphanages are very useful: they expand the kids’ horizons, have educational value and serve as a tool for social adaptation.

Food Distribution

Hunger- a serial killer that kills more people than AIDS, malaria Or tuberculosis. The Rotaract Club of MIT has been organising food distribution programme every year for needy people in different parts of Chennai. A total of 100 plus cooked food packets consisting of rice, curry and water bottles, biscuits, bread were distributed among them. Our volunteers help in food distribution over several places. We carried out the event in Railway Station, College Road, nearby bridges, hospitals etc.

We also wish to carry out this programme on a much wider spectrum, catering hunger needs. It helps ease the life of the poor, as far as our capacity permits.

Other activities

Throughout the year, the Rotaract Club of MIT carries out various social activities that benefit the needy. We have installed RO plants in orphanages with the help of fund collected from our staff and students. We have also set up libraries in orphanages by collecting books from our students and staff.

We also provide relief materials to natural disasters. During the Gaja cyclone, we collected relief materials from our students and staffs and gave them to the villages affected by the cyclone. Also during Kerala floods we collected various relief materials like blankets, food, water, dresses, etc., and gave them to the Kerala government.